The case of Ririna

To begin with, Ririna is a time traveler. Ririna came from the future to steal her Onii-chan back from Shiziku. Sadly for her though, she came with a bad temperament from her Alcohol and Masturbation addiction. This ends up hindering her plans to regain control over her Onii-chan, but sets her up with a PLAN to better her Onii-chan thanks to the time she spent in Rehab.

How much would I love for this to be true? a whole lot

While my fiction might not be true. The fact that Ririna is an extremely jealous character with nothing but contempt for her Onii-chan remains. Ririna is jealous enough to prevent any from of Harem from working; in a Nukige with a Harem ending.

I will go on the record saying that Ririna and Keiichi’s relationship was nothing short of unhealthy and unsustainable. It’s one of those weird relationships where the writers expect you to only think about how the Tsun became Dere. Which doesn’t happen if you actually bothered to read the text. A lack of self confidence is generally expected to create a more silent and meek character. On the contrary, it created a character who tries to assert herself at every opportunity here. Not only that, but since she’s similar to the infamous Asuka (Evangelion) she’s also lacking in compassion. As a result, Rirna is the type of character who’s capable of turning any guy away.

Despite the pay-off at the end, her route fails to demonstrate why Ririna should be loved.

In Nukige, there’s an assumption of affection. A girl who’s willing to spend time with me is so great I should love her. which is pretty condescending in a way, and the reason why people like to read Nukige in the first place. They are, by nature, simple (The Nukige not the people). This simplicity does carry a certain level of avoiding complex characters or relationships. However, complex relationships may present themselves in the form of a fetish rather than an actual study of that relationship type. Ririna is no exception to this, she’s a strong female character who the reader will enjoy the humiliation of until she submits herself to them. As is always the case with writers over doing it, Ririna ended up far from the strong female she aspired to be.

Ririna is scary, and not as a threat to Keiichi. Ririna makes you fear for her and the route ends feeling as if a knife is put against your neck to pick her as your partner forever. The forceful addition of weakness made Ririna into a cheap thrill addict. The bossy nature made her into a weakling in search for validation. That same nature made her think that she’s capable of turning any guy around, which kinda worked with Keiichi but god knows what will happen with someone else. For The most part of the route it wouldn’t be a stretch if one were to say that she’s leading you on as part of a plan. I have complete faith that came as an accident but her character was a pretty weird one in terms of how much pressure it creates.
It’s highly unlikely that a reader will feel affection towards Ririna. On the other hand, It will be nearly impossible to pick another character just due to how pitiful she can be. Also as Nukige logic kicks in, it will be hard to resist a woman who went so far for you. Or that’s how it should have been. The thing is Ririna had nothing but contempt for Keiichi for most of the route.

One thing I didn’t mention is that Ririna is easy to manipulate. Keiichi, more than, uses that to constantly get some sexy time with her. Which also leads to a feeling that Ririna is settling for Keiichi rather than actually liking him… all to be completely destroyed by the ultra dere Ririna at the end and “onii-chan I saw you masturbating and fell for you since then”. Which made no sense, at all. However, The fact that you made this happen in the first place forces you, as a person capable of empathy, to make sure nothing awful happens to Ririna. Which made me really wonder if this whole thing wasn’t intended.

I honestly wish Ririna was put in a different story with better writing. She was born out of the bad writing of adding more Tsun to make the dere pay-off stronger. The result was such a weird character who’s dangerous to herself and to those around her, making me want to see that character treated a bit better.


My thoughts could spiral on, and this rant doesn’t make much sense unless you read Im2 and are feeling the same. which is the point of rants, rants are just a person going on about something irrelevant people will probably fail to understand.



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